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Buy CCTV Camera ? Things to know

Buy CCTV Camera ? Things to know
CCTV Camera

Buy CCTV Camera ? Things to know

Buying a CCTV camera is an expensive thing. Therefore, it should be well thought out before buying. The most important part of a CCTV camera is the camera because it acts as the eye of the system. There is no saying that buying a expensive or large CCTV camera would be good. You need to identify your needs or needs first. Buying a camera makes it very easy to identify the needs. If the demand is known, the buyer can make quick decisions and buy the good camera properly. So first of all you need to know enough information about CCTV camera.

CCTV Camera
CCTV Camera

How the CCTV Camera Works

Most CCTVs or closed circuit TV cameras used for home security are solid-state electronic devices connected to a central recorder. So it broadcasts in a specific location and is often called a closed circuit camera. The main components of the camera include lenses, sensors, and DSP or digital signal processors. The function of the lens is to focus on the light that captures the sensor image and transfer it from the sensor to the DSP. The DSP converts it as a TV signal. The signal is then transmitted to a central location for storage or inspection by radio or wireless.

Here are some things to consider when buying a CCTV camera
There are some important factors to consider when purchasing a CCTV camera. There is one or more hardware components that are not known.

Choosing the Right Lens –

The task of the lens is to collect light for the sensor. Everything that a user sees or records on a DVR is through the lens. How far in the distance a car’s number plate can be worn and the appearance of someone who can detect the lens because the lens controls the focus. In many cases the lens is more efficient than high output resolution because the output is always limited by the input and the lens is the input system. Moreover, zoom lenses are also available in the market. Some CCTV cameras have digital zooms and others have optical zooms that are controlled by the lens. The buyer should emphasize the digital optical zoom as much as possible. The problem with the digital zoom is that it can’t add any theory to the original image. Optical zoom can add new theories to the original image because the image changes as the light sensor is reached.

Choosing the Right Sensor –

Not all types of digital sensors are the same. Two things to consider when validating the CCTV camera’s sensor specifications are sensor type and sensor size. Most sensors are either CMOS and not CCD. The performance and sensitivity of CMOS are both lower than that of CCD. As a result, it cannot capture clear images. Therefore, CMOS should not be used for identity identification. However, the benefit of CMOS is that its cost is lower than CCD. CMOS based sensor has too many signals for clear image capture

Have to process. As the size of the sensor grows, the light can process and capture better images. Most sensors are 1/4 inch or 1/3 inch in size. Measures 3.2 by 2.44 mm by 1/4 inch and 4.8 by 3.6 mm by 1.3 inches. Large sensors not only hold wide lights, give the DSP extra information to work with, which is helpful for low-budget budget cameras.

Choosing the Right Output Resolution –

A common specification for CCTV cameras is the number of TV resolution plane lines or TVLs. Its range is up to 700 TVL. 380 TVL and 540 TVL cameras are also available. Experts consider 420 TVL to be the lowest, but it is not always the case. The output depends on the input. So if the lens and sensor cannot match the output resolution (as determined by the DSP) then the extra resolution is completely useless. So the important thing is to have a sufficient resolution that allows the image to be clearly displayed on the camera.

Different types of CCTV cameras

Not all CCTV cameras have the same size and structure. The camera also varies depending on the need. The following is an example of 5 types of BASIC cameras

Bullet cameras –

These small cylindrical cameras are commonly used in the surroundings where discretion is very important. However, it does not need to be permanently installed on a security domain. It is suitable for use in shops and service establishments.
[sb] * Dome Camera [/ sb] – The dom camera is great for surveillance. It not only protects the camera from casual damage but also provides added security. Because it is almost impossible to understand which side of the camera points.

IR Day / Night Camera –

Regardless of the lighting conditions, these cameras provide 24 hour outdoor coverage. They are rendered with a specific color image during the day and converted to white for the infrared view at night.
Depending on the user’s intentions and needs, what type of camera he or she will use. Choosing a camera is very easy to determine the needs

Select the correct CCTV camera

The first thing to consider when purchasing the right camera is the lens. The lens provides a clear image to the user. The second is the sensor. The buyer should purchase a 1/4 inch CCD sensor because it provides most of the information to the DSP for processing. The last feature is the camera output resolution. Its usefulness depends on the first two features. In the second phase after determining the affordability of the hardware, the buyer will have to determine which camera is compatible with his / her needs. For example, a homeowner can use a day / night camera to cover a wide outdoor area. Bullet cameras for monitoring staff and a dom camera for shops or businesses.

How about the price of a CCTV camera :

The price of a good CCTV camera is determined by the combination of camera quality, provider and many other equations. You can now find out about the price yourself by visiting some CCTV camera provider’s website. Do a search on Google by typing the best CCTV camera price and visit 8-12 websites.


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