Home Mobile How do you fix a water damaged phone? Follow this 14 Trips

How do you fix a water damaged phone? Follow this 14 Trips

How do you fix a water damaged phone? Follow this 14 Trips
fix a water damaged phone

What to do if your mobile phone is water damaged (Fix a Water Damaged Phone)

fix a water damaged phone
fix a water damaged phone

In the current era, no one goes without a mobile phone. We all know that water is the main enemy of mobile phones. So we always have to keep our mobile phone out of the water. But if you go after that, then whatever you do. Fix a Water Damaged Phone

They are as follows

1. Remove the mobile phone from the water as quickly as possible. Lightly wipe various parts of the mobile with a tissue. Use tissue paper or cotton cloth to wipe water. Do not shake excess. Then water can be poured into different parts of the interior.

2. Remove the battery on the mobile phone. This is one of the most important steps. Many small parts of the phone can prevent damage if you disconnect its power source.

3. Unplug the SIM card. It can contain much-needed information. Open the card and place it aside.

4. Separate mobile phone sheets and other items.

5. Dry the mobile phone well. Open the battery and dry the interior as much as you can. Do not apply excess temperature for drying.

6. You can especially heat some parts of the phone. Such as with the help of table lamps.

7. Use a vacuum cleaner if possible. It will also help to pull out a small water point from different parts of your phone.

8. Use rice to dry the phone. Dried rice works very well. Put your phone in the rice for one night. Doing so will not leave even a single particle of water on the phone.

9. If possible open all parts of the mobile phone and place it in a dry place.

10. Now check the phone. Clean the battery and SIM card, turn on the phone.

11. If the phone is not turned on even after drying, you can open it completely (if you have the basic idea), its casing and all other parts.

12. Carefully open and wipe with tissue paper. Can use a vacuum cleaner again.

13. Do not leave the phone wet. Begin to dry as soon as possible. Don’t try to turn the phone on before drying it anyway. This will cause the whole phone to be shorted and shorted

14. Keep the battery away from excess heat. The fire can be very easy.

Fix a Water Damaged Phone


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