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How to make WhatsApp calls using less data ?

How to make WhatsApp calls using less data ?

How to make WhatsApp calls using less data ?

Coronavirus house arrest whole country. In this situation, many choose WhatsApp as a means of communication. WhatsApp chat, voice calls and video calls have grown in popularity to keep in touch with family and loved ones. However, any service on WhatsApp requires an internet connection. Especially for voice and video calls, more data is needed.


A recently released report states that WhatsApp voice calls require 740 KB of data per second. Making a video call will undoubtedly cost more.

Every day you have to have limited data to calculate before making a long call. So spending less data on voice and video calls can save a lot of data a day.

How to save data while making voice and video calls in WhatsApp ? Take a look

WhatsApp Call is a way to save data

1 Open WhatsApp and tap on the top three dots on the right.

2 Open the Settings and select the Data & Storage Usage option.

3 Toggle ‘Low Data Settings’ in Call Settings.

How to reduce data usage in photos and videos?

1 Open WhatsApp settings.

2 Select Data and Storage Usage.

3 Select the mobile data option and select ‘Photo’, ‘Audio’, ‘Video’ and ‘Document’ options.

4 Do the same thing between Wi-Fi and roaming.

Exclude videos from chat backups

You can also save data by deleting videos from chat backups. Go to Settings and select the ‘Chat’ option and toggle off ‘Include Video’.

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