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Website Things You Must Know Before Doing a Website

Website Things You Must Know Before Doing a Website

Things I must know before doing a website.


In this age of current globalization, everything is going online. From the individual to the social, to the completion of all the national activities, the Internet is a huge contribution. And in an era where you don’t have any personal or business online contacts, what happens? Yes everyone may have their status on Facebook or social media at least. But there are many limitations. There we cannot represent ourselves or our business as ourselves. They have to stay within the design and limitations of the thickness. What else comes to perfection? So for those who are thinking of making a website for themselves or their business in the world of the Internet, this particular article is for today.


Free can be done in two ways. Free and paid. If you want to do free, you can go to Blogspot.com, wordpress.com and have a profile like Facebook. What is the future of free things or products … I hope no one knows this. And if you want to create a beautiful structure with an attractive design and complete information, then you must go to the website with paid or money. And this is why domain and hosting. Many people, especially the new ones, blow the website at midnight.

And for those who have no idea about domain/hosting, I would like to say –


Simply put, the address or address of your website is the domain of your website. Like facebook.com, the domain of Facebook is to register with the money and to pay rent every year.

Where can I find a domain?

There are many domain providers in our country where you can register a top-level domain for only around 5 bucks. This is about the registration fee.


There are many fraudulent or fraudulent organizations, who will tell you to give you a domain for free or for 5/5 rupees… always beware of them. They will be the domain of greed with different offers to you for the first year, but they will take the money from you from next year. Otherwise, your website is over. Your website but not for a lifetime, 3/2 days.

Now let’s discuss hosting:

Hosting: Suppose you own a home. That’s why you need to choose a place. Suppose you make a 2-acre sub house in Dhaka. So, Dhaka is the address of your domain or website and 2 acres is your hosting.

Where can I get hosting:

For those who sell a domain, you will get hosting. However, beware of fraudsters in this case.

How about the price:

It will depend on how much GB you are hosting. If you do a personal website then 2 GB Hosting is all you need and this is perfect. And 2 GB hosting costs around 1 Taka. Now if you have a practical website you will need to pay attention to 5 GB or above (depending on the size of the business). It will cost you about 20-5 bucks. Whatever profit you make, R-Key. Some make a little more profit then someone else can.

Try getting the domain and hosting from the same company. Then they will create all the settings

Many companies also offer affiliate marketing benefits. Later, they can make good returns with their customer supply.

Before buying a host thing to remember:
Loading speed:

The loading speed of the website must be high. Otherwise, you will have to read the penalty from Google.


Visitors to your website will depend on your bandwidth. If you buy more bandwidth, you will get more visitors and there will be restrictions on buying less bandwidth.


Of course, it should be 99.99%

Moneyback Guarantee-

Moneyback guarantee is very important. Many companies offer a 7-day Moneyback Guarantee. Before buying, make sure the company offers a Moneyback guarantee.

3) Support:

Must buy 24-hour live-support from those who give it. This is very important.

6 Control Panel –

You need a control panel to manage your web site. Control panel lets you easily manage your web site. Cpanel is the easiest and most feature-rich control panel in web hosting. So always think about hosting cPanel.

Affiliate Marketing

My budget is low? How can I get better inside my brother’s com? However, you can buy it for 5/5 rupees, and you can pick it up very quickly. Not only the price but you can arrange a regular income. Before buying, find out if the company offers affiliate benefits. If you give them a customer afterward you can earn a good amount of income.

3) Server Load-

Make sure the saver is overloaded by the company’s support

SSD and HSD: Your hosting must be SSD. Speaking of support, know that they are providing SSD or HSD.

You will also consider many things like email, daily backup, personal client support, virus protection, etc.

Just keep three things in mind-

3) Space

2) Bandwidth

3) Programming support

Considering these simple three things, you can easily identify the best hosting providers.


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