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What is Cloud Computing ? (2020) Important Information

What is Cloud Computing ? (2020) Important Information
Cloud Computing

What is Cloud Computing? Advantages of Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

Hello, dear friends. This is my first post. Many of you may be familiar with the term cloud computing. But many people do not know what is cloud computing? What is its history? How many types and what are its advantages? In this post I will discuss these topics.

As soon as the word cloud computing is heard, many may think that it is a computer that lives in the clouds or a computer that floats in the sky. But friends it’s not something like that. In fact, it is a type of service through which computer resources, such as hardware and software, are provided through the network or the Internet. Let’s take a real example that we didn’t understand cloud computing very clearly. Suppose you use a computer with common power at home. One day you suddenly needed software that was beyond the power of your computer’s hardware. What do you do then? In this case you will upgrade your computer hardware and install the software. However, this method is quite costly. This is not possible for everyone. So how do you say if you rent a computer with high quality hardware configured as your own, at a very low cost. And you can easily manage it from your home-based computer. Yes friends this is cloud computing. In fact, it is a virtual computer with no hardware in front of you, but you can use it anywhere in the world through the Internet or you can change and modify it without feeling overwhelmed. Examples are Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon.com, etc.

Cloud Computing
Cloud Computing

History of Cloud Computing

Let’s talk about the history of cloud computing. John MacCarthy first introduced cloud computing in 1960. John MacCarthy’s work, however, began in the 1990’s. From then on, the development of cloud computing began in a big way. Various universities started research work on this topic. Roughly speaking, in 2005 Amazon.com was the first to offer such a service through their web server. Then between 2007-2009, companies like IBM and Google took part in research on the subject and launched their own cloud services. NASA then researched the subject and helped cloud computing come into the hands of the common man. However, research is still underway to improve this cloud computing.

Classification of Cloud Computing
It can be divided into 4 parts according to the usage of cloud computing.

1. Public Cloud
This is a cloud made for public use. Each person has a specific ID or account. Each account has a specific user ID and password. So as not to take access to each other’s accounts.

2. Private Cloud

This type of cloud is not for general public use. This is a cloud created for use by a specific organization. People outside the organization cannot use this cloud.

3. Hybrid Cloud

This is a cloud service that combines both public and private. It can also be used by a specific person or a specific organization.

4. Community Cloud

This type of cloud serves multiple organizations from a single cloud or server.

Advantages of cloud computing

Friends, this time we will discuss the benefits of cloud computing. But friends, you can definitely understand the benefits of cloud computing by now. This cloud computing has multiple benefits. These benefits are –

1. It can be accessed from any place through mobile, tablet, laptop, computer. For this reason, it can be used from any place.

2. Any information in it is much more secure. Because there is no fear of losing or losing information.

3. It costs a lot less because it does not require the purchase of software or hardware. Available from all cloud servers as needed.

4. The software used in it gets updated automatically. So there is no problem of updating the software.

5. It is very easy to do document management. Because all the documents are in the cloud server when anyone can download and use as he needs. As a result, the work speed is faster.

6. As far as this system is used, the cloud server has to be paid accordingly so there is no need to spend more or extra. Which is profitable for any organization.

But friends, you must now understand what this cloud computing is? And what is the benefit or how much. However, there is a risk. That is because the data leak or privacy is breached as we give our own data or information to another organization. However
Cloud service provider companies are well-trusted. They keep our data safe enough. Friends, let me know how you like this post. All be well


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