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What is Hacking | Method of Hacking (2020) – Important Details

What is Hacking | Method of Hacking (2020) – Important Details
What is Hacking

What is The Method of Hacking…?  What is Hacking ?

Friends usually say if someone in front of me is a “hacker” or I am involved in hacking, we are instantly wandering that person can hack anyone’s facebook account by any unknown force or magic. And if he somehow says that he can’t hack his Facebook account, then we think he understands nothing about hacking. Hacking a Facebook account is like agreeing to be a hacker. To become a hacker, he must know about hacking Facebook account. Friends today I will talk about how to actually do hacking

Is done Hopefully after reading this article, the topic of hacking will be clear to you.

Friends first say that hack of a technology (website, software, network etc) is basically for two reasons: (What is Hacking)

1) Due to the error or negligence of the user (s), the use of the technology (website, software, network etc).

2) If there is a vulnerability or Vulnerability in the technology (website, software, network etc).

What is Hacking
What is Hacking

Here I will explain these two reasons.

1) Due to the error or negligence of the user of the technology (website, software, network etc) or: –

Even if a technology (website, software, network, etc.) has good security measures, it is possible to hack if the user is not aware. So we should always be aware of technology usage. 5% of the types of hacking that we commonly see around us are due to the user or user’s mistake or carelessness. Instead of hacking these shots in my opinion, it’s better to call Fred. Because in this case the hacker somehow forces the user to make a mistake and steals his account information from him. These methods are described below in smaller sizes

A) Kilgar Attack

This is one of the major attacks of hacking attacks. This attack is used by hackers to install an app or software on an infected person’s device (computer, mobile, tab) in some way. And with that app or software the hacker will know all the information on your device (computer, mobile, tab) without your knowledge such as where you are going to some side, where you are giving the password, even your password and user id.

B) Bruteforce Attack

This attacker hackers multiple possible passwords repeatedly by using a software-specific logarithm such as your password abcd. And the hacker’s logarithm will start this way aaaa then aaab then aaac will continue to continue. Similar logarithms can be done with numbers or even with numbers and alphabet. For this reason, if you have a very simple or common password, it is easy to break through Bruteforce Attack.

C) Phishing Attack

This type of attacker hacker creates a webpage that looks exactly like the familiar side of Facebook or Gmail’s mother. And a link to this webpage is sent to you via email or message. And when you click on this link you arrive at a fake webpage created by that hacker and ask you to log in. And every time you click on login with your user id and password, your username and password goes to the hacker.

D) Dictionary Attack

It’s a lot like Bruteforce. Here hacker dictates the wording of the dictionary as a password. For example, Apple is your password. And Apple is a dictionary word. Then you can easily break this password by attacking the dictionary.

2) If there is any vulnerability or vulnerability in the technology (website, software, network etc): –

A technology (website, software, network etc) is made by people. And people only make mistakes. Especially if there is a flaw in the creation of a technology (website, software, network etc), then the hacker will hack the technology with the chance of vulnerability. However, finding weaknesses in a technology (website, software, network etc) is not an easy task. To do this job requires a sufficient amount of skill. And this kind of work is basically called hacking.

But in the end, if you want to become a hacker of course Ethical hacker, do all this Facebook hacking or social media account hacking without having to waste time learning computer basics, computer networking, programming languages ​​etc etc so that you develop yourself as a good Ethical hacker. Can pick up And as the days go by, the market for this ethical hacking will not diminish but increase. And if you want to do hacking, do it for good. Everyone will be fine

What is Hacking | Method of Hacking