Home Technology Instead of Zoom App, WhatsApp Has to The Market to Capture The Market

Instead of Zoom App, WhatsApp Has to The Market to Capture The Market

Instead of Zoom App, WhatsApp Has to The Market to Capture The Market
Zoom App

Instead of Zoom App, WhatsApp has come to the market to capture the market

Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals. Most of the people are communicating at home through video conferencing for work or personal needs. This is why an app called Zoom has gained huge popularity in the beginning. But within a few days, news of a major neglect came in the wake of the Zoom app’s security. Hackers have started selling the past information of millions of Zoom App subscribers on the Dark Web. As a result, many people are gradually stopping the use of Zoom App . In this situation, WhatsApp has come to understand the scope.

Until now, a maximum of four subscribers could join a WhatsApp video call. This time the number is going to increase. According to a recent report published on the Internet, the beta version of WhatsApp allows more than four subscribers to make video calls at once. WhatsApp can deliver this feature to all customers within a few weeks.

Citizens of most countries of the world are under house arrest due to coronavirus. It is learned that in the new feature, you can make video calls on up to 12 whatsapp simultaneously.

Zoom App
Zoom App

WhatsApp added restrictions to video posts in the status within the lockdown. Recent updates cannot post videos longer than 15 seconds in length. In both beta and stable updates, the popular messaging company has reined in the status video post. Playing videos in status requires relatively more data. The company may have made this decision to reduce the pressure on the Internet during the lockdown. WhatsApp, however, did not comment on the matter.

In a recent report, the latest WhatsApp Beta and Stable updates on Android devices cannot post videos longer than 15 seconds. When posting a video longer than 15 seconds, the customer is informed that the first 15 seconds will be posted in status. However, the trimmer can be selected any 15 seconds between videos.

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